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Built to a bespoke design, Adega do Cantor is a 200-tonne boutique winery. The philosophy behind the ground-breaking winery revolved around three distinct ideas.

gentle handlingGentle Handling of the Fruit

This is essential to Adega do Cantor. Not only does it allow for greater taste but it also gives the winemaker more options when it comes to producing fantastic wines.

The winery features a combination of static tank-style fermenters and open fermenters. All the fermenters and storage vats are made from food-grade stainless steel and each of their temperatures are digital controlled by computers.

Adega do Cantor was the first winery outside Australia to install Castle Rock Logistic’s patented mechanical plunger, which is excellent for gently extracting fruit flavours while leaving bitter elements of the grape behind.

Gravity is also used as often as possible to transport grapes around the winery, which again ensures the essential ingredient is treated with the upmost care.

innovativeInnovative Ideas Combined with Tradition

Adega do Cantor combines new technology with traditional wine-making techniques. This is why open fermenters and cap plunging are still utilised alongside modern versions of the traditional basket press.

Although this may be slower than many more-modern designs, it’s still one of the gentlest ways to press the all-important grapes.

Open and Honest

Every part of the wine-making process can be seen and every part of the winery is easily accessed. You are even able to take tours of Adega do Cantor. If you’re ever in the Algarve, it’s a must.

This is an important part of the philosophy behind Adega do Cantor’s wines. It’s all about being open and honest – that’s the best way to produce great wines.